Carrot, The Magic Deer Found With An Arrow Through Its Head And Is Still Alive

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Unfortunately, the tail of a carrot, a magical deer with an arrow in its head, is spreading on the Internet for a while. And the white-tailed deer in northern Ontario is named Carrot, the magic deer because he is still a miracle. Even after the arrow passes through the head, it makes a sound.

Lee-Anne Carver, a wildlife photographer, named the deer. Carrot has been visiting Lee-Anne Carver and her husband for the past three years and according to her, Carrot is very affectionate. She said, “I’ve been drawing animals for years and there’s something special about Carrot. It’s unlike any deer I’ve ever met.

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One day, when my husband cried home and exposed the situation of carrots, I was suddenly shocked, says Lee-Anne.

She knew that the arrow on his head needed to be removed. But at that point, removing the bow would result in the loss of a large amount of blood, which would be very painful for the poor carrot. So in reality his I was saving my life.

Later, Lee-Anne was informed that Carrot had been darts again. And when she ran to see him, he found Carrot in the backyard of the Ministry of Natural Resources. He was sedated during surgery and given a tranquilizer. It is important to calm him, but it is also true that deer do not respond well to tranquilizers and can be fatal to his life.

Not getting up for six hours after giving the anesthetic, as soon as my husband said his last goodbye, he said his last goodbye to the wizard Carrot and had to be separated from the scene to save him. suffering.

“The Internet is where everyone wants to argue about something, but carrots seem to unite people,” said Carver. Also suffers, but it’s getting bigger than that, he has given us something to focus on now and something to love, and that means a lot.


As Lee-Anne Carver recently posted on her Facebook page about Carrot, The magic deer. He is healthy and calm now and is happy to be home and you can check out the video here.

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