Dream Destinations for your 2021 Vacation

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In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic dominated global conversation. Not surprisingly, even though the world struggled to deal with COVID-19, not only did the quest disappear,

but vaccines are now beginning to be rolled out in the United States. And abroad, travelers are optimistic about returning to the perinatal lifestyle in the New Year.

Here are six destinations trending for 2021. 

Between its gorgeous beaches and luxe accommodations, Maldives makes for an alluring escape © haveseen/Shutterstock


Expensive tours have been put on hold in 2020, but many globetrotters are greeting the new year. Vrbo’s 2021 Trend Report also suggests travelers plan to travel more than before COVID,

with more than half of U.S. participants saying that unlocking will travel more in the future to make up for lost time, according to a Booking.com survey.

Revealed. Percent of respondents said they are willing to spend more than before the pandemic enters: Luxury resort in Maldives.

In both surveys and search results, remote archipelago, famous for its pristine beaches and vibrant underwater ecosystem, tends to be high.

According to Google search data, it was named one of the top destinations in 2021 by Club Med and is also on Expedia’s list.

Maafushi Island, which is part of Kaafu Atoll, is on Airbnb’s list of popular destinations based on 2021 travel search results, with the most searched destinations in 2021 being number 11.

Known for its thermal spas, among other things, the volcanic island of Ischia is one of Airbnb’s top trending destinations © LeoPatrizi/Getty Images


As far as classical locales go, Italy’s powerful pull shows no signs of diminishing. Airbnb’s survey revealed great interest in the volcanic island of Ischia, in Naples Bay, and according to recent data from Club Med,

Sicily has become even more popular than it was this time last year, with bookings at the company’s all-inclusive destinations in Kamarina and Cefalù increasing at 214% and 350%, respectively.

Four of Expedia’s top 20 destinations for 2021 can be found in Mexico, including Cabo San Lucas © Joe Petraglia/500px


After several months of indoor living, it’s not surprising that some of the most in demand include warm weather and white sandy beaches. Neighborhoods in the U.S., south of the border,

have ample supplies for both: booking data from Priceline shows that travel to Mexico has increased significantly, resulting in a 113% increase in hotel reservations compared to last year in the first quarter of 2021, and 2021 travel on Expedia.

One-fifth of the top20 most searched destinations for can also be found here: Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and collectively Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Tulum.

Tulum brings a lot of fun to Airbnb users looking for a getaway close to home, and La Misión, a quiet seaside town in Baja California, is one of the most popular destinations on the platform.

Thanks in no small part to its pop-culture dominance, South Korea is piquing the public interest © LeoPatrizi/Getty Images/iStockphoto

South Korea

It’s no wonder South Korea has become a trend in 2021 between the loved ones of last year’s Academy Awards and the rapidly growing international appeal to K-POP and dramas. In its first language report, the app Duolingo calls this phenomenon the Korean wave,

This language is the second fastest growing language in the world and the seventh most popular in the world.

Seoul, the capital and largest city of the country, is a cultural center that balances fast-paced modern life with respect for tradition.

This means tasting and paying homage to Soshu at one of Seoul’s historic shrines. It’s also one of the most searched destinations on Airbnb in 2021.

Road trips and outdoorsy destinations like the Great Smoky Mountains are both trending for 2021 © rickberk/Getty Images

Great Smoky Mountains

As countries close their borders and the State Department warns Americans to limit overseas journeys, domestic destinations receive new favor and with concerns surrounding the risks involved. to air travel, road trips are more popular than ever.

To consider an international flight now versus before the start of the pandemic, the overland trend is likely to continue in ’21, with 59% of

families surveyed by Vrbo saying they are more likely to is more driving than flying on the next trip, and 62% of Airbnb respondents say they care about destinations within driving distance from home.

Where they enjoy activities like hiking, camping, and fishing that have a special appeal, and finally, protected lands like the Great Smoky Mountains

a favorite perennial and one of Airbnb’s top destinations for 2021 is set as the New Year’s trend.

Las Vegas tops the list of urban escapes for the second year running © f11photo/Shutterstock

Las Vegas

While it’s true that small towns and rural attractions become ever more appealing for safe and responsible excursions in 2020, urban flees also have people.

Adore them on that same platform, Las Vegas was the most popular destination in the first quarter of 2021 for the second year in a row.

Expedia’s search data also has Vegas as the country’s biggest urban attraction, and although 54% of those surveyed for Vrbo said they were more likely to visit a national park than a park.

entertainment, both Expedia and Priceline named Orlando home to Disney World and Universal Studios in the runner-up position.

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