Mother Throws One-Day-Old Baby Into The Bush From The Bridge

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A mother in China has been caught after throwing her son into the bush from a bridge and is now under police custody. The one-day-old baby boy was found in a very weak condition into the bush when the police found him. The mother of the baby has been detained for abandoning her one-day-old baby in north-eastern China.

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The woman was going to her mother’s house and on the way, she tried dumping her baby in the shrubs. The reason behind this, as reported by the local media is the financial situation of the mother as she admitted that she can’t afford to raise her son that is why she decided to desert him.

The police were able to save the child. When the one-day-old baby was found, his neck was covered in ants and his body was very stiff, his physical condition very weak as well. He was found on the side of the Wukai River Bridge.

The baby was found by a resident of Hong Family village outside the city of Dehui in Jilin Province. Ms. Qu who found the child said that when she found him, he was covered in flies, and ants and also had some severe insect bites all over the face.

Upon investigation, the police found out that the child belonged to Ms. Guo and it was born around 8 PM, Saturday in her own flat. After passing the river on Sunday night while going to her mother’s house she threw the one-day-old baby from the bridge in the bush.

With the help of the police, the baby was admitted to Changchun Children’s Hospital. He is now in stable condition and now the welfare institution of the same hospital is taking of him. The woman is now in police custody and they are doing further investigations on the matter.

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