The Simpsons New Prediction: People Expecting the World’s End on January 20

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People think once again that The Simpsons foretold the future, and this time the world will come to an end on January 20th.

In the latest episode, ‘The Three house of Horror XXXI’ which airs in November, Homer sits quietly on his roof, drinking beer while the terrifying world bursts into flames beneath him.

It’s 20 January –  the same date as the inauguration of the next US president.

In the episode, Marge – whom the producers decided to add a mask on before the episode aired – calls Homer on election day to get him to vote.

Credit: Disney

Lisa tries to make Homer remember all the bad things that happened four years ago, reading the 50 things that Donald Trump did as president.

His vote turned out to be a dream, and on January 20th, the town of Springfield was in turmoil.

As you can see, the scenes look fairly familiar.

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Credit: Disney

While the episode doesn’t explicitly say that the world is over, people on social media decided that we were on our way by putting the two and the two together.

One Facebook user wrote: If you are in the Simpsons, you must be prepared.

Another man smoked that he was already planning and wrote: “Can you not please my internet router gets installed on that date.”

Someone else wants to delay the process, but in just a few days, “Can you wait another three days, Armageddon seems to be a birthday to remember!

The animated adult comedy “The Simpsons” has a long history of ‘predicting’ events in real life.

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