Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions For 2021

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January 1 is often filled with New Year’s Resolutions of eating less, quitting alcohol and exercising more. But often not a single cheat days, rest days or particularly stressful days will quickly bring us back to the way we were.

For a long time, 2020 didn’t seem to end. But 2021 was nothing more than a mirage that we all desperately stared at. Hoping that it would be the beginning of a brighter future.

After countless days flooded with Zoom and high-walled weekends, the New Year is finally here. Even though we still have to take as many precautions as we did yesterday, but the final bright future doesn’t seem too out of reach.

Striving to be a ‘new friend’ this year, able to focus on one or two smaller resolutions that are not only achievable, but also make you feel especially good about yourself.

Check out some New Year’s Resolutions to get you started below.

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1. Commit to having a clear out and donate unwanted clothes and items to charity. 

Resolutions do not necessarily have to achieve something every day; Instead, it could be just a once like this. Take a day or two to re-explore all the things you intend to organize when you have time. The long forgotten stacks of the back of the closet, and the collection of furniture. Create old hobbies and pastimes, and decide if you really need it to fill the house.

There is an additional bonus where you can accidentally find some old treasures while on your quest. When you’ve separated meaningful mementos from this something you might lack, package it and take it to a charity store. Where it can help others, instead of just sitting idle and collecting dust.

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2. Organize a weekly catch-up with a long-distance loved one or old friend. 

If 2020 teaches us anything, it’s important to reach out to people. Don’t feel like you have to spend every day visiting people you haven’t spoken to recently, but something as simple as dropping a text to someone every couple of weeks to do it can make sure they’re getting more of impact than you would imagine.

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 3. Volunteer at an animal shelter

After going out on the off chance and having all that baking done, take a look at the volunteer locations at your local animal shelter and see if the staff needs help walking your dog or taking care of other creatures.

With their fluffy faces at the end of the day, at least you’ll be satisfied knowing that you helped something.

Volunteers can give you a good life experience, and doing so at the shelter gives you the opportunity to meet new people as well as many adorable animals. You can find that you have a new passion in life, but at least you will probably be able to assure some worthy dogs that they are very good boys and girls.

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4. Make time for a tech-free walk once a week

Just as important as taking care of others, we also need to make sure we pay attention to ourselves. Get ready for social media and needs by putting your phone away and enjoying the fresh air.

Put your phone in airplane mode if you don’t feel comfortable leaving it at home and try to spend an hour or so a week thinking on your own. Walking like this will allow you time to think about how you are doing without the constant distraction, allowing you to focus on anything that might be stressful and to tackle any problems You may encounter, eventually bringing you to a better place for next week.

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5. Make simple swaps to live more sustainably

If you’re the one who chooses the chicken and bacon sandwiches and plastic bottles of coca in your meal, pledge to swap out the vegetarian or even just recyclable cans, once a week.

Keep the plastic bag in the freezer for reusable items or just buy yourself a lovely water bottle that you won’t have to throw away at the end of the day. When you leave home, think about one thing you can do to make your day more eco-friendly.

Hope you will choose your New Year’s Resolutions wisely!

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